You may have heard the term AVA in your EAD conversations, online courses or learning tools, right? But do you know what it means? Have you read about reviews for eLeaP Learning? Before understanding how AVA can help improve the structure of your ODL, your classroom, or the lectures offered by your company, let’s learn more about its meaning and how it works by observing the reviews for eLeaP Learning. Ah, to get down to business now, it is also worth checking how a professional structure can leverage your distance learning.

What is AVA?

VLEs are the initials of Virtual Learning Environment, something that is becoming increasingly popular in people’s routine. This is because, as its name implies, an AVA is a virtual environment that aims to help in the distribution of various types of content for online courses or courses with content. It is very similar to the LMS Learning Management System. In short, AVA compares to a large virtual classroom where students and teachers can interact with each other as well as interact with materials available in the environment. With VLE, ​​one of the major needs of distance learning students is met. Today, students not only want to watch the content of a class and have to make hundreds of notes, they want to have access to the content at any time, to revisit some important part, for example, and to be able to exchange information and learning with other students and with the teachers.

In what situations can AVA be used?

We know that technology is constantly and rapidly updating. People have been adapting to and using new technologies to perform their daily activities more effectively and faster. We have changed the way we shop, how we conduct research, how we watch audiovisual content… and access to educational content has also changed. With all these changes happening, you need to understand how to adapt to them and be able to offer an ever better product to your audience. For this, working with AVA can be a good solution for your business. Below we list three of the main situations in which the virtual learning environment can be used, see:

  1. Support Distance Learning

It is impossible to talk about VLE without thinking about distance education because, in this case, the tool can be very useful and important for students. If you are an online course producer, however much you can maintain your business with a simpler and more dynamic structure – which is a trend – often betting on a virtual learning environment can be essential. If you are looking for an LMS read on this article we are going to discuss its benefits on the basis of reviews for eLeaP Learning. AVA will help you to complete your online course management and can bring features that in some cases will enhance the student experience. With the tool, combined with a good technological structure, it is possible to:

  • Structure the content offered by dividing them into modules and classes.
  • Make complementary materials available to your students.
  • Accompany the student learning process.
  • Issue course completion certificate .
  • Conduct learning assessments.
  • Generate student performance and content consumption reports.

With all this in hand, you can be more assertive, fix problems quickly, and offer tools that help your students learn.

  1. Contribute to the physical classroom

Another situation in which VLE can be used is in addition to the physical environment of the classroom. Even if you offer your students a physical classroom environment, there are many advantages to providing them with a virtual learning environment. This is because in an VLE it is possible to offer complementary study material and conduct online learning tests, complementing the studies outside the classroom. Many professionals who offer face-to-face courses already have VLE as a complementary tool, as, as said before, people are increasingly used to new technologies, including study and learning tools. Thus, you will allow your students to gain knowledge not only inside the classroom, but also outside it, by accessing various content through mobile, tablet, notebook or computer!

  1. Conduct training and conferences

The third situation in which AVA can be put to good use is for companies that wish to have a space for training, conferences or seminars. If this is your case, be aware that AVA can facilitate these processes and reduce your costs, especially if you have employees in different regions of Brazil or the world. With AVA you will have an exclusive space for the employees of your company. If necessary, you can allocate the space only to specific employees, for example. In such cases, AVA will assist in providing materials that your employees can access at any time and on any device, as well as the ability to interact via forum or chat within the platform. To get an insight about employee training software click here.

What are the advantages of investing in eLeaP learning?

Once you have understood what an LMS or virtual learning environment is and are aware of its applicability situations, it is time to know what its advantages are and find out if it is worth investing in the tool. We have compiled some benefits on the basis of reviews for eLeaP Learning:

  1. Flexibility of schedules

With eleap learning your classes and educational content will be made available online to your students. This means that the material can be accessed at any time and at any time of the day, allowing your students greater flexibility in time, adapting their studies to their working hours or other day to day appointments.

  1. Interaction that generates knowledge exchange

One of the major shortcomings of ODL in relation to a physical classroom environment is the lack of interaction of teachers with students and students with their classmates. With eleap learning, this need no longer exists, since the tool enables interaction through forums and chats within the platform. Now, people no longer need to be in the same location for them to interact, you can be in different places on the planet and exchange knowledge!

  1. Access to content, whatever the device

There is a market trend of replacing big devices like traditional desktops with more compact options like smartphones that have envious settings on many computers out there. Smartphones are in the pocket of the population and are used at home, at work, on the go and anywhere you can imagine. If they are with your audience all the time, why not offer content that can be accessed in the palm of your hand? This is another advantage of the eleap Learning: being able to make its content available to all types of devices. So if your student wants to attend a class at home on the notebook, he can! But if he wants to attend a class or read a handout you made available on the bus using his cell phone.

  1. Cost savings and consequently lower investment

The financial side is one of the issues that can make the bet on the online learning environment shine in the eyes. This does not mean that by choosing a virtual learning environment, you do not have to make investments. But it means that you can reduce them. Maintaining a physical environment for teaching implies a number of costs, not only with the space rental, but with the materials needed to teach the classes. A higher cost to the producer means a higher cost to the student, who would probably have to pay more to access content in a physical environment than he would pay in EAD. This is why distance learning offered in a good virtual study environment is advantageous for both the course offerer and the students.

  1. Tools that assist in learning assessment

Finally, another great advantage of eleap learning is the possibility to follow the student’s entire learning process, performing assessments according to the course modules and the content offered. With the end of classes, it will also be possible to issue the certificate of completion of the course, something highly valued by students, since the document will serve as proof that he went through the entire process, having attended classes and conducted the necessary assessments.